January 27, 2022

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Understanding your client for better content

When it comes to web copywriting, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work.

While one company might want to improve their ranking on search engine results pages and have a very keyword-focussed strategy, another might be looking for an in-depth, long-form blog post that caters to a specific, extremely niche target audience. Therefore, one of the first rules of being a successful website content writer is to understand your client.

Do your research

You wouldn’t go into a job interview without researching the company, right? So, why would you respond to a brand without knowing what they’re about, what they do, and what they stand for? If a potential client reaches out for copywriting services, check out their website and absorb their style. Look at what they’ve achieved to date and start thinking of ways you could help them. Once you’ve done that, you can then reply and further the conversation.

Interestingly, many clients don’t know what they want and will ask you for advice. Others will be very specific about what they want, but if you’ve done your homework you can guide them in the right direction if needed. Showcasing your knowledge will look professional and help develop a professional bond from day one.

Think about brand values and tone of voice

Every company has its own values and tone of voice. Or at least they should. If they don’t, this is something you should set to work on with the client before attempting to write anything. Established companies often have a brand guidelines document which they send out to writers explaining their tone of voice in more detail. This can include very specific details about what you should and should not say as a writer. While some companies like to speak in the first person, others prefer a third person narrative. Similarly, you may come across businesses who hate bullet points or exclamation marks in their content, and this should be respected.

Ignoring guidelines could get you in trouble or damage your reputation as a writer. If you take on a project from the financial services sector, for instance, compliance will be a key issue. Regulators have set very tight guidelines and therefore you must be fully clued up on the rules so that your content satisfies the needs of compliance teams.

Consider communication

As a copywriting agency or professional writer, you need to think about how you’ll communicate with clients about their content. Do they enjoy Skype calls, or would they prefer to stick to email? Some clients may even want to meet you in person to reassure themselves that you can satisfy their content writing demands. Communication issues should be sorted quickly. Also, a flow of work must be established. It’s wise to be firm with clients so you can manage their expectations. Set realistic deadlines for projects with a breakdown of when you’ll ping over certain web pages or blogs. You should also talk about how many rounds of editing are included in your pricing.

Some projects will be straightforward. Others will be a challenge. Many clients are becoming more digitally savvy and therefore know exactly what it is they want. As a website content writer, it’s your job to deliver to an exceptionally high standard to keep brands wanting more and more of your work. For content writing services that will take your business to new heights and leverage your marketing efforts, contact Minerva Creative today. We provide a complete design and web-build service at a price that is affordable for all. Plus, with our team of experienced copywriters and content marketing experts, we can help you craft the perfect messages to engage your audience and please your clients.